Jo Ann L. Keller, LUTCF


Preserving Memories

You will find that each hand -crafted custom made T-Shirt quilt is handled with love and dignity!  
When I receive the t-shirts, I simply let the shirts, "the person" speak to me, its an artistic thing!

The Artist

Sewing since a little girl has lead me to quilt making and then to perfecting the art of creating T-shirt quilts!  The joy I receive taking simple t-shirts and creating a piece of warm art is an immeasurable feeling!  There is nothing more satisfying than seeing someone's eye's light up, then cry, when they see the completed quilt of their loved one's t-shirts for the first time!  I can feel them wrapped in their new quilt.......
Warms my heart...

What a wonderful gift!  Let me create that instant family heirloom for you!