Custom T-Shirt Pricing

Begins at a Minimum of $500.00

****Free Consultation****

Each piece is custom hand-crafted to your specifications; therefore, prices can and may vary.


Beginner Sewing, with Theory & Practice Quilting

Children 12 & older, Middle & High School, PTO, Art Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church Groups.....

2-hour minimum at $25.00 per hour


Please add 8% Ohio Sales Tax to your total price.


The History of Quilting, Design and Color, Purpose.

Children 12 & older, Middle & High School, PTO, Art Clubs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Church Groups.........


2-hour minimum at $25.00 per hour.


To include a border of fabric on all four sides of your quilt, please add an additional $25.00 to above pricing.

Any additional work to t-shirts, for example, appliqueing (sewing)
a motif from the back of the shirt to the front, or affixing a memento, there will be an additional fee based on time spent
at $25.00 per hour, or $6.25 per quarter hour.

Finished Block Size


Female is 12 inches square per block

​Male is 14 inches square per block

Approximate Size


75 x 90

Each Quilt price includes Cotton Batting, Themed Backing, Professional Quilting, Secure Binding, with a Complementary Machine Washing and Drying, and Instructions how to Care for in the Future!


Pantograph Quilting

Gammill Long-Arm Machine, Many Patterns Available

                    Baby                             $  65.00

                    Twin                             $  90.00

                    Double                         $120.00

                    Queen                          $155.00


Quantity of Blocks


 6 Across x 7 Down